Do masks really filter out dust mites, smog ?

  • 2021-07-22
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It is recommended to do a good job in respiratory protection. Choose a dust mask scientifically. Choose a good mask with good protective effect, easy breathing, and economical use. Helps prevent lung damage.

Dust removal: now masks must comply with GB2626-2006 standards. The grades of dust masks are KN100, KN95 and KN90. Among them, KN100 can achieve nearly 100% (99.97% above) protection effect against ultrafine dust. Large granularity, you can choose KN95 grade.

The protective effect of dust masks depends on two aspects. The first is the filtration efficiency of filter cotton. The second is how closely the mask is combined with the face.

Therefore, masks must be divided into different sizes. The fitting effect of masks with different sizes on the face varies from person to person.

Dust removal: scientifically select dust masks certified by GB2626-2006 standard, which can help prevent lung injury.

1. Select duplex half mask type. Disposable masks are not suitable for long-term or occupational protection due to the high rate of air leakage.

2. Choose KN100 grade dust filter cotton for use. Low protection will result in physical injury.

3, the choice of silicone material is more comfortable. Suitable for long time wear, not easy to cause allergic reaction. High hardness of the mask is easy to cause facial indentation.

4. It is extremely important to have masks of different sizes. Don't buy so-called universal masks. Easy to leak.

5. There are two kinds of masks: covering the mouth and nose, covering the mouth and nose, and covering the jaw. It is recommended to use the latter, which is relatively comfortable.

6. It is recommended to choose a respirator with smooth breathing. Some masks are designed with a double cotton filter, with both sides of the filter, so they breathe relatively well.

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