Do you wear masks to protect yourself from the sun during the epidemic?

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  • 2021-10-08
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Some people think that masks have the effect of sunscreen, sunscreen only on the upper half of the face, and some people think that after wearing masks, there is no need to do sunscreen, do not do any sunscreen measures. This kind of idea is incorrect actually, we do bask in basically is to prevent the ultraviolet ray of the sun to produce harm to the skin, bring about the skin aging and suntan. However, masks on the market, especially surgical masks, have no way to block the uv blocking line, which easily passes through the mask and affects the skin. So when wearing masks, you must do sunscreen。

When wearing a mask, how to do sunscreen?

1. Choose physical sunscreen

Some people think that wearing a mask after applying sunscreen can wipe away the sunscreen and prevent it from getting its full effect. If you are worried about this, when choosing sunscreen measures, you can choose physical sunscreen, mainly choose to wear sun caps, sun umbrellas and other sunscreen measures to avoid uv damage to the skin.

2. Choose sunscreen carefully

Be careful when choosing sunscreen. The current value is not always better. Choose a sunscreen with a different SPF for different occasions, because the higher the SPF, the more sunscreen it will add and the heavier the skin burden. If you're just commuting to work, there's no need to choose a sunscreen with a high SPF.

3, Wait for sunscreen film before wearing a mask

Sunscreen works by coating the skin to form a protective layer that protects the skin from uv rays. If the sunscreen doesn't film, go out in the sun。

Nowadays, the epidemic is not completely over. When you go out, you should still wear masks, and you should still do a good job in sunscreen。

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