Does air purifier really have effect in addition to formaldehyde ?

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  • 2022-04-08
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The filter element of the general air purifier uses activated carbon technology or photocatalyst technology, which has certain aldehyde removal function. If it is used together with other aldehyde removal methods, the effect of aldehyde removal is better.

Because of the increasing air pollution, people are paying more and more attention to the clean air index in the living environment, especially for the families of the newly decorated rooms, in addition to formaldehyde this work is more attention, because it is really very harmful to the human body. And after the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more equipment and methods on the market about air purification and formaldehyde removal, and air purifier is one of them, and it soon became the new favorite of people to purify the air. So is the air purifier really effective in removing formaldehyde? Here and xiaobian together to see it!

Air purifier has a certain effect in addition to formaldehyde. Air purifier to play the role of air purification, generally rely on its filter element, through the filter element to achieve the role of filtration and adsorption removal. But if you want to remove formaldehyde, you need to see whether the air purifier has the function. Generally, only the filter element has the type of activated carbon and the type of photocatalyst air purifier has a certain effect of aldehyde removal.

Therefore, air purifier has the effect of aldehyde removal is to see its filter element, because many air purifiers generally only purify and filter the effect of large particle pollutants in the air, in order to remove formaldehyde, it is best to ask the staff before buying the air purifier whether it has the function of formaldehyde removal, to do accurate judgment, Just need to know whether the filter element of the air purifier uses activated carbon technology and photocatalyst technology, or you can also look at the recommended air purifier that can remove formaldehyde:

At this stage, the method used by people to remove formaldehyde is probably activated carbon adsorption, plant adsorption, ventilation and photocatalyst, so even if the air purifier wants to remove formaldehyde, it can not escape from these principles. Of course, in the implementation of aldehyde removal work in life, the air purifier alone is not completely removed, if it is in summer, can be combined with window ventilation, if in winter, can be used with plant adsorption and activated carbon adsorption and other methods, so that the effect of aldehyde removal is better.

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