Epidemic rebound in Dongguan

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  • 2022-03-22
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The contagiousness of the epidemic cannot be underestimated. The situation of the epidemic varies from place to place, and the ways we take to prevent and control the epidemic vary from place to place. However, in general, the most important way to prevent the spread of the epidemic is to reduce the number of clusters and do a good job in prevention and control.

This round of epidemic in China is characterized by multiple spots, wide coverage and frequent occurrence, while the epidemic situation in neighboring cities is complicated. As a large manufacturing city, Dongguan enjoys close foreign economic and trade exchanges and frequent personnel flow. Currently, it is in the peak period of returning personnel after the Holiday and resumption of work and production, and the flow of people coming to and returning to Dongguan is large, making it difficult to control.

The newly infected patients in Dongguan were mainly distributed in an industrial park, which has a high population density and frequent contact with people. As a result, the number of cases occurred in a short period of time and there is a certain risk of spread. It is not ruled out that there will be further new cases, posing a severe challenge to the epidemic prevention and control work in Dongguan.

All kinds of places in the city strictly implemented temperature detection, health code check, standardize the wearing of masks and other prevention and control measures, scenic spots, scenic spots, catering units implemented limits, reservations, peak shift requirements, strictly controlled large-scale meetings and other gathering activities, strengthened the prevention and control measures in closed entertainment places and other key places, strengthened the management of education and teaching activities. Strengthen social communication through various forms to raise the public awareness of protection. To strengthen the guarantee of medical services, Dalang Hospital and Chang 'an Hospital have been designated as designated hospitals for non-COVID-19 patients to receive and treat non-COVID-19 patients in containment, control and prevention areas.

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