How can we prevent repeated outbreaks?

  • 2022-03-07
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Recent rounds of nucleic acids in dongguan screening has not been detected positive case, community spread risk and the spillover risk is low, but the epidemic prevention and control situation is still complicated, the general public, please continue to observe the epidemic prevention and control regulations, pay attention to the authority of the official information, do not believe a rumor, not tale, firmly establish a "every man is his own first health responsibility" consciousness. In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, take personal protection, avoid taking public transportation, and go to the nearest fever clinic.

Due to the severe epidemic situation in some other countries, China is under great pressure to prevent imported cases. As for the reality of repeated epidemic, the public needs to bear and face the strong psychology. As Mr. Zhang analyzed, "back and forth, even if it lasts a year or two, is normal.

There are still many things we must do well in the face of repeated epidemics. The thread of epidemic prevention and control must not be loosened, but must always be tightened. To truly tighten the strings, resolutely overcome paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality and slack attitude, do what needs to be done well, and further strengthen the prevention and control network is both a necessary and the most effective response.

It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control. From the perspective of individuals, in the face of repeated outbreaks, they should also think carefully about what to do, take a positive attitude, do their own daily prevention and control, timely vaccination, not necessary, do not travel, take the initiative to do a good job in personal health monitoring, etc.

The epidemic may go back and forth, but we must not slacken our efforts to prevent and control it. Let us stick to the prevention and control strategy of "preventing imported cases from abroad and rebounding at home", keep the strings of epidemic prevention and control tight, and carefully implement all measures.

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