How do masks distinguish between front and back

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  • 2021-11-16
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How do you distinguish between a mask and its opposite?

The front of the mask is a non-cleansing face facing the outside world. The reverse side is a cleansing face facing the wearer.

Before determining the front and back of the mask, you need to determine the top and bottom of the mask.

There is a bridge of the nose on the mask, which is used to jam the bridge of the nose and prevent the gap after wearing the mask, so the side with the bridge of the nose is the top of the mask.

Check the color of the mask after determining the upper and lower parts.

When wearing a mask other than white, such as a blue surgical mask, it is easy to tell the front face from the back. Blue (dark) is the front of the mask, facing the outside; The light color is the reverse, facing the wearer.

If you have a white surgical mask, how do you distinguish between the front and the back?

Then judge the front and back of the mask by looking at the printing, material and the direction of the mask fold.

The mask's print or logo is usually printed on the front of the mask.

In addition, the mask can be seen on the front of the obvious grid, the material is stronger, thicker and durable, can prevent liquid splashing. The material on the back is smooth and soft.

If the front and back sides of the mask are still not clear through printing and mask material, it is best to determine the direction of the mask fold.

After finding the nose strip of the mask, observe how many folds the mask has.

If there are three pleats, the downward side of the pleats is the face of the mask.

If there are four pleats, the second pleat near the bridge of the nose rises, and the downward side of the second pleat away from the bridge of the nose is the front side of the mask. 

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