How long is the expiration date of the mask ?

  • 2021-06-28
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       Different types of masks have different shelf life.There are many kinds of masks, which can be divided into general medical masks, surgical masks, medical protective masks, dust masks and life masks.While the shelf life of ordinary medical masks, medical masks with outer shells and living masks is about 2-3 years when unopened. Different brands and types have some differences, but the shelf life is generally about 2-3 years, which can be determined by the shelf life instructions of the outer package.Medical masks and dust masks, for example, have a longer shelf life, usually around five years.The shelf life of these masks is also different when they are opened. The shelf life of masks with low protection level is about 5-7 days after opening, while the shelf life of masks with high protection level is about 10-20 days. Therefore, masks should be used as soon as possible after opening.

     Can masks still be used after five years' expiration?   You can use it, but it's not recommended.Masks that have expired for five years will not produce harmful substances in themselves and can be used when conditions are in short supply. However, a mask that has expired for five years is not recommended to be used again, let alone one that has expired for five years.Because the protective effect of the mask is mainly due to its material, and the filtering efficiency and protective performance of the filter material in the mask will gradually decrease, and the protective effect of the mask will gradually lose, and when facing viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, it cannot be effectively isolated and protected.Therefore, it is recommended to check the shelf life of the mask before using it, and then use it after qualified.

    Why do masks have shelf life 3 performance degradation.The reason why masks have shelf life is that their performance will slowly decline over time, and masks are a defense against infectious or infectious substances such as germs and viruses. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that their performance is in good condition, so as to ensure people's health and life safety.

  Precautions for wearing masks:   1. It is better to clean and disinfect your hands before wearing the mask, and try to avoid touching the inner layer of the mask, so as not to contaminate the mask with bacteria or pollutants on your hands.2. Masks also need to be replaced regularly. For example, disposable medical masks need to be changed every 4 hours, and medical protective masks can be changed every 1-2 days.3. When taking off the mask, try not to touch the inner layer of the mask with your hands. You should take it off by grabbing the rope where the ear is hanging, and then throw it away in a special medical dustbin.4. If the mask is damaged or contaminated during wearing, it should be replaced immediately.

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