How Long Will The KN95 Face Mask last ?

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  • 2022-01-21
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KN95 face mask is a class of respirator that conforms to Chinese standards and can filter more than 95% of fine particles in the air. Its filtering capacity is superior to ordinary respirator and medical respirator, and is the same as foreign N95 respirator. If ranked according to the priority of the wearer's own protection function, KN95 mask has the highest protection ability. The price of KN95 face mask is relatively high, and its use time is relatively longer. The specific use time depends on different environments.


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1. In general, it can be used for about 3 days

Some researchers have conducted relevant studies on the protective efficiency and wearing time of KN95 masks. The results showed that the filtration efficiency of KN95 mask remained above 95% for 2 days, and the respiratory resistance did not change much. After 3 days, the filtration efficiency dropped to 94.7 percent. It can be seen that KN95 masks can be used for about three days in the absence of the epidemic.


2. 4-6 hours are recommended, No more than 8 hours

If you go out for a long time and enter densely populated places or epidemic areas, you are more likely to be exposed to bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to change every 4-6 hours. The 5 ply face mask can be worn multiple times and can be changed every day if you just walk around the community and do not go far.


3. In the following cases, the mask should be replaced immediately

(1) During the epidemic, or in crowded places, if the KN95 mask is sneezed or coughed on the other side, it is contaminated and needs to be replaced in time;

② Discard the mask when it comes into contact with blood or droplets

③ If the mask is damaged or respiratory resistance increases, it should be replaced in time


It is worth noting that some people, in order to increase the use time of masks, wash them with water or use alcohol for disinfection, which is not correct. This will cause the structural deformation of masks and destroy the filtering materials of masks, which will greatly reduce the filtering effect of masks and fail to isolate the virus.

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