How often should KN95 masks be replaced?

  • 2022-01-17
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Under normal circumstances, if they are used outdoors, such as subway, bus, supermarket, mall and other public places, KN95 masks need to be replaced every 6-8 hours. However, if they are used in the epidemic areas of the novel pneumonia virus, it is recommended to replace them every 4 hours.

KN95 respirator refers to the respirator whose non-oily particles protection efficiency is not less than 95% in accordance with the National standard OF China gb2626-2006 - Respirators for Respiratory Protection - Self-priming Filter anti-particulate Respirator.

What are kn95 masks for?

"KN" indicates protection against non-oily particles (such as viruses, bacteria and dust); "95" means that the filtering efficiency of the mask is ≥95% under the testing conditions specified in the standard. KN95 masks can effectively protect against particulate matter suspended in the air. 

Why can KN95 masks be worn during Novel Coronavirus outbreaks?

The transmission of the virus requires a host vector. Once it leaves the body of the host (such as an animal or a human), death will occur in a short time. However, the virus can be transmitted by contact (such as hand contamination), droplet transmission, etc. Droplets generated during coughing, speaking and sneezing are the main transmission vectors. If a novel coronavirus carrier sneezes in a confined space (train, plane, etc.), the resulting droplets can easily be inhaled by another person and become infected. Therefore, masks are needed for protection.

2. As the virus and its transmission media (droplets) also exist in the form of particulate matter, and the diameter of particulate matter is relatively small, the FILTERING mechanism of KN95 mask is precisely through the high-performance filter material in the mask to filter these fine particles. The test method for efficiency uniformly adopts particles with aerodynamic diameter of 0.3 micron, which is the most difficult to filter among known normal distribution particle diameters. At the same time, KN95 masks also have strict requirements for their tightness. Therefore, wearing KN95 mask correctly can reduce the exposure level of pathogenic microorganisms in the air and effectively prevent viruses from entering the human body from the respiratory tract. But the wearer also needs to pay attention to the prevention of hands, eyes and so on, so as not to be infected through other ways.

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