How strong is the mutant strain in Guangzhou?

  • 2021-06-04
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This new outbreak has been confirmed to be infected with a mutated virus found in India, which is characterized by a short incubation period, rapid transmission and high viral load. This mutated strain is also the first community transmission in China. 

Are the symptoms of those infected with the new strain found in India different from those in the past?What is the moderate severity rate?

A: This strain of infection is characterized by an unusually high load of novel coronavirus on A nasopharyngeal swab, nearly double that of last year's patient.

Last year the average incubation period for patients was 5.9 days; this time the average is 3.2 days.

The majority of people infected by the current outbreak have mild or asymptomatic infections.The rate of severe disease was 6.2%.It feels that the proportion of severe disease is lower than that of last year's epidemic, but last year's patients only went to the doctor with symptoms or had fever detected. This time, most of the patients in the epidemic were detected by active screening, and the two are not easy to compare.  

  The variant found in India has a short incubation period, rapid transmission and high viral load. Therefore, early and close monitoring of disease changes is needed. Therapeutic difference is not big, or active oxygen therapy, symptomatic support treatment and Chinese traditional medicine.

    Since May 30, the number of new confirmed cases per day in Guangdong has dropped, a good sign that current control measures are starting to have an effect, but experts caution that the virus remains highly contagious.The epidemic is not over, and it still cannot be taken lightly.Protective measures also need to continue to strengthen, go out with a mask, disinfect clean.

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