How to do daily epidemic prevention?

  • 2022-03-10
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First, when handling food, pay attention to separate raw and cooked

Recently, novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive tests have been frequently detected in cold chain food and its outer packaging. Therefore, special attention should be paid to separating raw and cooked food in handling fresh/frozen food to prevent cross-contamination.   

二. Keep a distance of one meter when waiting in line

Novel coronavirus transmission can be transmitted by splashing droplets at close distance. It is easy for people to gather when waiting in a queue, so keep a distance of more than 1m. 

三. Wear a mask at all times when using public toilets

Public toilets are easy to contain dirt, coupled with a large flow of people, if not timely disinfection, easy to residual virus in the environment. Wear a face mask when entering public toilets.

四. Pay attention to personal protection in elevators, cinemas and other closed places

In a narrow space, with a small distance between people, a closed environment and no air circulation, it is more conducive to the transmission of novel coronavirus.

五.  Wear masks correctly

Masks are an important line of defence against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, and the proper use of masks can protect against other respiratory diseases, such as influenza, in addition to COVID-19.


After washing hands, wear a disposable medical mask when going out, and wash hands first after removing the mask at home. Wipe your phone and keys with disinfectant wipes or 75% alcohol. Keep the room ventilated and clean, avoid gatherings. 

七. On business travel

Wear a mask to avoid crowds. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from other people and avoid staying in public places for a long time. It is recommended to wipe the interior and door handle of the vehicle once a day with 75% alcohol. Wear a mask when riding.

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