How to prevent the rapid spread of mutant virus ?

  • 2021-06-09
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        As the outbreak in Guangdong continues to heat up and the Indian strain of the virus spreads with alarming force, Guangzhou has been closed to half of the city, and neighboring Foshan has also been affected. People in some areas will be quarantined at home from Tuesday and will have to have a negative nucleic acid certificate if they leave the city.

         According to the notice of Foshan Epidemia-prevention and Control Headquarters, Lvyinming Yuan Community, Shiwan Town Street, Chancheng District, has been upgraded to a medium-risk area. Closure management measures are implemented in the area and Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, and all personnel are isolated at home to ensure that "no one goes out of the house". Daily necessary items are distributed by the local streets.

    Guangzhou, the city hardest hit by the epidemic, has restricted people from leaving Guangzhou since 10 PM on Monday, requiring them to have a negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours.Nearly 50 percent of flights at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport have been canceled due to the outbreak, wearing a mask ,protective well .

The outbreak has caused panic in the local area. People in Guangdong Province rushed to get vaccinated, with long queues and even overnight waiting at several vaccination stations.In response, the Guangzhou authorities announced on May 31 that they would adjust the vaccination schedule from the same day, allowing group appointments and group vaccination of key industries and groups to be made first, while suspending individual appointments and suspending social vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine.

In Liwan district of Guangzhou, the epicenter of the outbreak, authorities have asked millions of people in the area to complete nucleic acid tests within two days.The Guangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced Monday that it will expand the scope of screening to cover Yuexiu and Haizhu districts, Tianhe, Baiyun and Panyu districts.

Four areas in Liwan District have been upgraded to medium-risk areas with closed management. All staff are mainly at home, except for one person per household and one person per day to go out to buy daily necessities. Entertainment venues, sports and sports venues are closed, restaurants are banned and physical classes are suspended in schools.

The bureau said the key areas, which involve seven subway stations, will be restricted to all exits, with 83 bus lines suspended and taxis and online ride-hailing banned.

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