How to protect against the novel coronavirus mutation?

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  • 2021-12-03
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In recent days, omicron, the latest variant of the Novel Coronavirus strain, has been the focus of international attention。The state of herd immunity is different. This time, the emergence of a new mutant strain of omicron virus, western countries have introduced a variety of "toughest" measures. Almost all Western countries have suspended flights to African countries and banned entry to people with a history of travel to those countries. Among them, Japan and Israel have the most stringent measures, namely indiscriminate suspension of flights. European countries and the United States, also have suspended flights to restrict entry. This wave of publicity, and these countries before the performance of the epidemic seems to be very different. Even western media outlets have changed their previous attacks and belittling of China's epidemic prevention strategy. I'm sorry to do a u-turn, but I can already see the trend towards a slow u-turn.

In fact, there has been no fundamental change in the prevention strategy of western countries for the new strain of Omicron. Just look at the explanations of western epidemic prevention experts. They grounded flights and denied entry to the country in order to buy time to delay the peak of the omicron strain of the disease and to create the conditions for various preparations and responses.It's not about keeping the virus out of the country. It's just buying time and getting ready. What do you prepare for? These start with the so-called "universal immunization" strategy of western countries.

Their so-called defense strategy remains the same. Some measures and measures have been taken to delay the peak of the epidemic and gain more time to prepare for it. This preparation is nothing more than vaccines and various medical resources. As for their current fears, they fear that the new strain will not be protected by existing vaccines. And there is not enough time to develop and produce a vaccine against the new mutant strain. When that happens, the results can be bad.

Virus prevention measures include:   1. Quarantine at home and open Windows for ventilation every day. 2. During the epidemic, wipe frequently touched parts (such as door handles and switches) with water and disinfectant regularly. 3. Wash hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, running water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and wash your hands immediately. Keep your distance when you contact others. 5. Wear masks properly and scientifically. 6. Avoid touching common objects and parts in public places, such as handrails and handles. Avoid dinners, get-togethers, and visiting friends and family. Avoid or reduce visits to crowded places. 8. Health monitoring and timely medical treatment. 9. Reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, enhance immunity.

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