How to wear a mask for real protection?

  • 2021-07-08
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Wearing a mask can really help : 

First, wash hands and disinfect before wearing.You should know that people touch all kinds of things every day, which means that they will carry all kinds of bacteria on their hands. If you touch the mask with dirty hands, it will be contaminated with bacteria and its protective ability will be greatly weakened.If it is not convenient to wash your hands, please remember: do not touch the inside of the mask!Because the inside of the mask is close to the mouth and nose, bacteria can easily enter the body through the mouth and nose.A special reminder here: do not touch the outer layer of the mask with your hands when removing the mask.Because the bacteria filtered by the outer layer of the mask will be trapped on it. If you touch the mask with your hand, the bacteria will get on your hand. If you touch the mouth, nose or eyes with your hand accidentally, the chance of viral infection will be increased.The correct way to do this is to gently remove the earstring. This will avoid contact with the contaminated surface and reduce the chance of infection.

Second, pay attention to distinguish the front and back of the mask and the upper and lower ends when wearing.This is an important step!Because the front side of the mask can filter most of the bacteria, and the reverse side of multiple skin friendly, secondary filtering effect.If the mask is worn backwards, it will not only cause skin discomfort, but also greatly reduce the protection ability!In addition, the top of the mask is fitted with a nose clip. The purpose of the nose clip is to fit the mask more closely to the face, leaving no gaps for bacteria to get in.If a mask is upside down, large gaps can form, weakening its ability to protect.

Third, let the mask form a tight space with the face.I believe there are many women in order not to destroy the makeup, will wear a mask loose.This way of wearing is absolutely not desirable!You know, there are a lot of bacteria in the air, unknowingly, bacteria will follow the air quietly from the gap between the mask and the face "sneak" into our respiratory system, causing infection.Therefore, for the sake of your health, Xiaobiao hopes that you can put on your mask before you go out. It is not too late to show your beautiful makeup until the epidemic is completely over.In addition, many men's masks are always not tight, which is because the facial hair on the face causes the mask to leak air. Therefore, men must clean their facial hair in time during the epidemic, so as to make the mask close to the face, and really play a protective role.So how can you wear a mask tighter?First, pull the ear strings with both hands, then place the one with the nose bridge on top. After hanging the ear strings, press the nose bridge until it completely forms the nose bridge. Finally, pull open the folds of the mask so that it completely covers the mouth, nose and jaw, so as to form a closed space and play a good protective role to prevent bacteria from getting in.

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