How to wear ffP2 mask ?

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  • 2021-09-09
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FFP masks refer to masks that meet the European standard (CE EN 1409-2001). The European standard of protective masks is divided into three levels: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.Different from the us standard, its detection flow rate is 95L/min, with DOP oil dust. 

The outer layer of FFP2 masks usually collects a lot of dirt and bacteria from the outside air, while the inner layer blocks exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides of FFP2 masks should not be used alternately, otherwise they will inhale the dirt from the outer layer directly against the face and become a source of infection. When not wearing, the mask should be folded in a clean envelope, and the side of the mouth and nose should be folded in. Do not slip the mask into your pocket or hang it around your neck.

FFP2 masks are similar to N95 and KN95 masks in that they cannot be washed. Because wetting will cause static electricity release of the mask, it cannot absorb dust with a diameter of less than 5um.

High temperature steam disinfection is similar to cleaning in that the steam also causes static electricity to be released, making the mask ineffective.

If you have ultraviolet light at home, you can consider using ultraviolet light to sterilize the surface of the mask to prevent accidental contact with the surface of the mask and contamination. High temperature can also sterilize, but masks are usually flammable materials, and high temperature may also cause burning of masks, resulting in safety risks. It is not recommended to use oven and other facilities for high-temperature disinfection.

In order to prevent infection, some people may wear a medical mask all day long, but this will make the nasal mucosa become fragile, lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, reduce resistance, therefore, in the population density is not high and ventilated places, can not wear a mask.

It should be reminded that the protective effect of any type of mask is time-effective and must be replaced regularly. It is recommended to change the mask every 2 to 4 hours. If a mask is contaminated, replace it as soon as possible.

Medical masks are folded and stored in ziplock bags when not in use. It is not recommended to take off the mask and put it directly in the pocket or bag, as this will easily cause secondary pollution of the medical mask. Be sure to fold the mask and put it in a clean ziplike bag, and fold the side that contacts the mouth and nose inward.

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