Identification of mask labels

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  • 2021-09-10
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For masks, N series is the American standard, KN series is the Chinese standard, and FFP series is the European standard. The higher the number, the higher the protection level.

The mask model and standard are printed on the left side of the mask. Choose the mask according to this.

First, there are three standards for mask atmosphere:

N95 is manufactured according to THE American standard NOISH, made by 3M and Honeywell;

FFP2 is a European standard EN149;

KN95 is the Chinese standard GB2626-2009.

一、The implementation standard printed on the mask is that all the three types are qualified masks.

二、 medical N95 masks need to prevent high-pressure liquid spillage, so they have a higher standard than ordinary N95 masks. Taking 3M as an example, models 1860 and 9132 are the most commonly used medical protective masks.And then there's the 1860s for kids.Ordinary people or health care workers who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid spillage can choose a regular N95 mask that meets NOISH standards.

三、 FFP2 standard masks are manufactured in Europe by UVEX of Germany, etc.FFP3 is a higher level (99) protective mask.Iv.

四、The Chinese standard GB2626-2009 refers to the standard of ordinary KN95 masks. The standard of KN95 masks for medical use is GB19083-2010.

五、 another common question is whether to choose masks with valve or without valve?Regular valved masks are more comfortable, while surgical masks are not allowed to have valves.When ordinary people are infected or suspected of being infected, they must choose a medical mask without valve.

六、Medical surgical masks, the common standard is YY0469-2010 or YY0469-2011, which is printed on the independent outer package of each mask.

The model 1860/1870 + is used for medical work

The model 8210/8511 is used for building engineering

The model 9210+ is used for industrial engineering, preventing dust and rotting materials。

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