In the post-epidemic era, do YOU need masks?

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  • 2021-12-13
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Not wearing a mask can make people "breathe smoothly", but it often causes some embarrassing situations, such as subway entrance, do not wear a mask, not to let in; Go to the library to borrow books, do not wear a mask, also do not let in; Want to enter a large shopping mall, without wearing a mask, or not allowed to enter... Faced with such a "dilemma" situation, they can only run to the nearby drugstore to buy, but the drugstore does not sell zero, to buy a bag.

As for how to wear FFP2 masks in a scientific way, Huang said that the general public should not wear masks at home, outdoors or when there are no people gathered and there is good ventilation.

However, it is recommended to wear a disposable medical mask or surgical mask in crowded places, such as elevators, public transportation, shopping, cinemas and workshops.

In addition, staff in certain places, such as railway stations, airports and nursing homes, should wear medical surgical masks or medical protective masks;

Medical surgical masks or medical protective masks are recommended for people with occupational exposure risks, such as medical personnel, administrative personnel, police, security guards and cleaning personnel engaged in epidemic prevention and control.

Special people, including COVID-19 patients, suspected patients, close contacts and people returning from abroad, should wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks.

A few considerations for wearing a mask:

1. Wash hands before wearing and after removing masks;

2. When wearing a mask, cover your nose and mouth, and adjust the nose clip (the wire on the upper edge of the mask) to fit your face;

3. Avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask with hands during wearing, and remove the mask by removing both ends of the rope;

4. Wearing multiple masks cannot effectively increase the protective effect, but may destroy the tightness of masks and increase respiratory discomfort;

5. Disposable medical masks and surgical masks are all disposable, and the use time should not exceed 4 hours. The use time of medical protective masks should follow the instructions.

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