Is the anti-virus effect of the mask related to the thickness ?

  • 2021-07-16
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The anti-virus effect of the mask is not directly related to the thickness of the mask. The virus filtering effect mainly depends on the structure of the mask. The medical surgical mask and the ordinary medical surgical mask have three layers. The outermost layer is waterproof and electrostatic treated non-woven protective layer. The middle layer is filter material, and the inner layer is ordinary non-woven material.

The main thing is that the outermost layer of water prevents droplets. As long as these three layers are included, the filtering effect is very high, so the medical surgical mask, though thin to the touch, can effectively prevent the invasion of the virus.

Other types of masks in the market, because they do not have these three layers, basically do not have the role of prevention of infectious diseases. As long as it is a regular mask, wearing one layer is enough.

      The mucosa of each person's respiratory tract is covered with microvessels. When cold air is inhaled, the mucosa of the nasopharyngeal duct is like a humidifier, which warms and humidifies the cold air, so that when the air enters the lungs, it is close to the body temperature, so as to exercise the nasal cavity and respiratory tract and improve the body's ability to resist cold.If you wear a mask for a long time and lack of exercise in the respiratory tract, the nasal mucosa will become fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity. If you catch a cold slightly, you are more likely to catch a cold.

5 DOS and don 'ts of wearing a mask

1. Wear it when you should and don't wear it when you shouldn't

2. Don't be partial to colorful masks

Fashion mask manufacturers are not as professional as medical mask manufacturers.

3. Don't put it away

A lot of germs will gather after wearing masks for 4-6 hours, so you should pay extra attention to safe placement.

4. Don't run with a mask on

Because outdoor exercise requires more oxygen than usual, masks may lead to poor breathing and even hypoxia of the organs, resulting in very serious consequences.

5, do not interfere with the line of sight

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