Is wearing two masks better for protection?

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  • 2021-09-07
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Wear two masks, better protection?

Experts: Wearing a two-layer mask not only does not increase safety, but also affects the air tightness of the mask. Masks are designed to provide effective protection with just one, but if you wear two masks, friction between them can cause displacement. Therefore, it is enough to wear a mask as long as you choose one that fits your face shape and is of good quality

Can you pull the mask up to your chin?

Expert: This is definitely not desirable behavior. Because surgical masks can block most of the viruses stuck to droplets from entering the respiratory tract, if the mask is pulled down to the chin, droplets or bacteria on the outside of the mask can pick up on the chin or lower lip, bringing germs directly to the mouth. Therefore, if you want to breathe or eat, you'd better take off your mask first. Don't be afraid of trouble.

"The nose clip of the mask is not tight, and the mask leaks, which is equivalent to not wearing it!" Health education experts emphasize two more steps when wearing a mask: press your nose and press your chin; It is best to check the air tightness after wearing the mask: the mask will collapse slightly when inhaling and bulge when exhaling, indicating that the air tightness of the mask is sufficient. If the nose or cheeks leak, it will need to be adjusted.

In particular, health education experts point out that not washing hands after touching the outside of a mask can increase the probability of contact transmission. If you want to take off the mask, you can take it off by holding the ear cord. If you want to adjust the position of the mask, try to touch only the edges of the mask and wash your hands after touching.

Health education experts warn that masks should not be reused after being sprayed with alcohol. Alcohol treatment of the mask will denaturate the outer material of the mask and reduce its ability to block saliva, so that the filtering function of the mask will be greatly reduced or even invalid.

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