KF94 Masks and Protection from COVID-19

  • 2021-03-30
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The coronavirus appears to be back with a vengeance with new variants driving a surge in several cities around the world. The need of the hour is adhering to Covid-19 protocols as advised by national health bodies like the CDC where prevention and protection like mask-wearing is the only way to remain safe. 

KF94 masks are now growing in popularity where KF stands for “Korean Filter” and the number for efficacy. It is proving to be the best defense against keeping maximum viral particles down to 0.3 microns in size.  The main feature of KF94 masks is its twisted fibers that act as a unique high-density electrostatic filter that is 95% effective in filtering aerosols and keeping out airborne pathogens including viruses, dust, and pollen grains. According to Medical analysis, the KF94 mask has been found to transfer less than 0.1 percent droplets while a wearer was speaking.

In comparison to N95 and KF95 Chinese masks, KF94 masks feature ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge to fit firmly over the nose and mouth. KF94 masks adhere to all virus protection requirements including EU standards.

Be Healthy USA has been in the forefront of the war against the pandemic ensuring the availability of KF94 masks. The company is now the leading distributor of KF94 masks and to raise awareness on the importance of mask-wearing has announced an event to be held at New York City in Washington Square Park on April 4th at 3 PM. The Be Healthy Crew will be answering questions, doing interviews, and giving away free KF94 masks and free gifts if the weather permits.

Be Healthy is an import and export company established in 2015 in New Jersey. It has been dealing with online and offline retail of a variety of premium products ranging from beauty cosmetics, health supplements and #1 heated mats/blankets from South Korea. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, be Healthy has been importing top brands of KFDA certified respirators and KF94 masks in the US.

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