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  • 2021-12-16
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The national standard specifies the basic requirements, appearance quality and testing methods for masks for children aged 6 to 14, while proposing 19 major performance indicators.

Protection performance

Children's protective masks are required to have a filtering efficiency of no less than 95% and a protective effect of no less than 90%.Children's health masks require a filtering efficiency of at least 90 percent for particulate matter and 95 percent for bacteria.

Comfort performance

Considering the respiratory characteristics of children at the physiological stage of development, children's protective masks require that the expiratory resistance and inspiratory resistance should not be higher than 45Pa.Children's health masks require ventilation resistance of no more than 30Pa.In terms of comfort, the standard recommends the use of an adjustable mask strap.

Safety performance

The mask should be able to cover the mouth, nose and jaw safely and firmly. There should be no sharp points and edges that can be touched and should not significantly affect the vision.

Masks should not be made of recycled materials or materials that can cause adverse reactions, and should not be bleached with chlorine.

For respirators equipped with breathing valves, the breathing valves should be firm and not deformed, and the internal parts should not fall off;Lace-up mask straps should not be used;

Nose clip should withstand 20 fold in half without fracture;

Mask inner material should not be printed or dyed.

The standard strictly stipulates the residue of harmful substances, formaldehyde content is not higher than 20mg/kg;The printing pattern on the outer layer of masks should not fade, and aromatic ammonia dyes that can decompose carcinogenic are prohibited.Ethylene oxide sterilization residue shall not be higher than 2μg/g;No transferable fluorescent whitening substance shall be detected.

The standards also stipulate that microbial indicators should meet the requirements of disposable sanitary products. Children should wear masks under the supervision of adults, who should observe and educate children to wear masks properly.

Children should not play roughhouse or exercise with moderate or above intensity during wearing masks. Breathing valves and internal parts of breathing valves should not be removed.

If symptoms such as respiratory discomfort or skin irritation occur during wearing, take off the mask immediately and seek medical advice immediately if necessary.

Masks should be replaced in time. It is not recommended to reuse masks after washing. Masks that have been used should not be exchanged.  Masks are not recommended for children with breathing difficulties.

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