KN95 Masks Are Made For Kids

  • 2021-04-13
  • 1778

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, parents might be wondering why they should switch up their stockpile of kid-size face masks. Unlike machine-washable cloth masks, the China-certified KN95s are just as effective as the coveted N95 masks, which are the only ones approved for healthcare or surgical use in the US and thus harder to acquire for personal needs. What that means for these pint-sized FDA-registered versions is that they offer the same effectiveness – roughly 95 to 97 percent – and the same features as the standard top-tier masks. They are made with a five-layer filtration system of breathable non-woven fabric, including two premium melt-blown layers. They've got soft ear bands and a metal nose-piece to ensure a snug fit. Although they are technically single-use masks, most Vida said they can be reused two to three times if they're worn sparingly and not damaged.

What's more: each order includes a prepaid return label so parents can send their children's used masks back as part of the company's sustainability program.

These kid versions — which are quite possibly the most effective form of COVID protection parents can provide them until youth vaccinations are available — are miraculously still in stock and ship within a few days, but if you are looking to improve your child's mask inventory, consider buying soon. If they're anything like the original KN95, they'll go quick.

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