Mask order ends in Franklin County as spike in COVID-19 deaths reported

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  • 2020-12-21
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Franklin County's face mask order expired at noon Sunday, a month after it was enacted as coronavirus cases spiked in the area. This comes on the same day that the county health department reported 13 new deaths related to COVID-19. Those new deaths reported Sunday alone account for 12% of the 108 total confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the county since the pandemic began.

    I think the masks definitely serve a good purpose for those that are weary, and maybe have medical conditions.”  Bill Helling added, “I think it ought to keep going. Too many people, too many cases.”

Mercy Hospital in Washington is the first destination for many Franklin County residents who become infected with COVID. The mask mandate comes to an end a day after county officials reported 13 new COVID-related deaths. That’s 12% of the 108 people who have died here since the pandemic began.

Franklin County resident Jordan Bassham said, “I’m kind of happy about it. I don’t care to wear the mask.”

Ashley Vanderpool added, “I’m glad it’s over. I think everyone should have their own right to wear a mask if they want to.”Dominic and Erin Shaul could be seen loading up their daughter, Charlotte, into their van after dining at White Rose. Erin is pregnant with their second child.

She said they both work in healthcare.

“I wish they would expand the mask mandate at least until the numbers would plateau versus we keep seeing spikes,” said Erin. “It’s not worth the risk. Especially since both of us have had COVID, it’s not worth it. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody to have it. I wish they would put the mask mandate back in place.”

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