Misconceptions about wearing masks

  • 2021-08-13
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When the weather is cold, many friends will wear scarves, masks, hats, and wear tightly, but in fact, wearing masks can not help us to resist the cold wind。

You don't wear it when you should

Wearing masks can not protect against the cold, not to say that you can give up masks. You should wear a mask during flu season, on smoggy and dusty days, when you are sick and when you go to the hospital. In winter, the elderly with low immunity and the infirm had better wear masks. 

Blindly pursue protective effect

Heard that a pull-over mask is better than hanging over your ears? Experts say this kind of mask is indeed more airtight, but it is more suitable for boiler workers, chemical plants and other dangerous operations, pregnant women, children and people with respiratory system, cardiovascular disease, not recommended to wear this kind of mask.

Long wear

Wearing a mask with good airtightness for a long time will affect respiratory function and cause discomfort such as chest tightness. It is best not to wear more than 2 hours, half an hour or so should be taken off to replace the air. 

 Don't take off your mask when you cough or sneeze

When you cough or sneeze, the exhaled heat and saliva can wet your mask, making it less effective at blocking germs and less protective. It is recommended to remove the mask and put it on after coughing or sneezing.

Wear out the place

A lot of germs gather after wearing a mask for 4-6 hours. Disposable masks are thrown away after wearing; Other masks should be folded and put into a clean bag after use. Masks should be washed and dried in the sun every day.

Running with a mask

Because the demand for oxygen during outdoor exercise is greater than usual, masks may lead to poor breathing and even hypoxia of organs, resulting in very serious consequences.

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