More and more cases have been confirmed in many countries in Europe and Asia

  • 2021-07-19
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    The World Health Organization's emergency committee warned in a statement that "the epidemic is far from over." The chairman of the committee, Hu Xin, called the "recent trends worrying." Currently, four worrisome variants of novel coronavirus dominate the global epidemic, in particular the rapidly spreading Delta variant. According to the WHO Emergency Committee, there is a high likelihood that new and potentially more dangerous mutants will emerge and spread globally in the future and may be more difficult to contain. "The COVID-19 pandemic remains a global challenge as countries face different health, economic and social needs," it said.

       Far from over, the epidemic remains a global challenge, regional and economic disparities are affecting access to vaccines, treatment and diagnosis everywhere, and countries with limited vaccine supplies are experiencing a new wave of infections. In addition, more dangerous variants are likely to emerge and may be more difficult to control.

   We need to strengthen supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in public places, especially in key places and key links. We need to urge shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places to fulfill their primary responsibilities, improve their prevention and control systems, and take effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic, such as wearing masks, taking body temperature and scanning health codes。

  Must strengthen the propaganda, positive guidance, pays great attention to the epidemic prevention and control work, timely release, traceability, inspection diagnosis authoritative information, response to international concern, education guide the scientific and rational treatment of the epidemic, consciously make personal health protection, develop good health habits, to protect people's life safety and body health.

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