New variant of coronavirus! How is it different from Delta?

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  • 2021-09-16
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It was reported on September 7, local time, that mutated mirus strains of the novel coronavirus have been detected in 49 states in the United States.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said the mutated muus strain of the novel coronavirus may be able to evade protection from certain antibodies. "The mirus strain is more infectious and has the potential to evade protection from certain antibodies. However, more research is needed to determine whether the mirus strain is more infectious, more lethal or more resistant to vaccines and treatments than other mutated strains."

The mutated strain, which was first detected in Colombia in January, is likely to be highly resistant to vaccines and evade immunity from previous infections or vaccinations, so it will be monitored further by WHO, according to THE WHR.  How is it different from the delta strain now circulating? Let's learn about it again.

A "watch out" variant, according to WHO standards, is one that has a genetic mutation that affects the transmissibility of the virus, the severity of symptoms and immune escape; A "concern" variant is one that can make a public health strategy, vaccine or therapy less effective. If the spread of a mutated virus accelerates further, it will be upgraded to a level of concern, such as the need to adjust existing quarantine measures.

A summer resurgence of the virus is slowing the global economic recovery, with the spread of a mutant Delta strain hampering efforts to return factories, offices and schools to normal.  In the future, new mutated strains will emerge and the virus will "evolve," but the emergence of new mutated strains can be prevented by curbing the spread of the virus. Therefore, strict quarantine measures and active vaccination against COVID-19 are necessary.

Wear a mask and try not to go to crowded places with poor ventilation. Do not gather in crowds, consciously observe epidemic prevention measures, and take preventive measures such as wearing masks, checking codes and temperatures, and maintaining social distancing in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, theaters, stadiums, buses, subways, airport lounges and other public places.

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