Spanish experts strongly recommend mandatory use of FFP2 masks!

  • 2022-05-18
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A group of 38 experts, including prominent Spanish doctors, virologists, microbiologists and economists, signed a document proposing a comprehensive strategy to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The importance of mandating the use of FFP2 masks in public transport is assessed in this strategy paper. In fact, this recommendation is already being implemented in other European countries.

Experts have drawn on years of experience and research to call for special attention to the transmission of aerosols, which the Ministry of Health has been underestimating for months, despite the fact that aerosols are the main route of transmission for Covid-19.

Experts believe that efforts should be made at the government level to increase awareness of the use of high-quality masks, considering that the filtration of different fabric masks varies greatly, some of which filter similar to FFP2 masks, and some only filter 10% of aerosols .

However, Fernando Simón, head of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Centre (CCAES) of the Ministry of Health, previously described FFP2 masks as "selfish" masks, with or without valves, they were designed only so that the wearer would not be infected without preventing others from being infected.

"From my point of view, they can be 'selfish': I protect myself and others don't have to worry about me," Simon said.

Although the Autonomous Community of Madrid has also distributed FFP2 masks without valves to all citizens a few months ago, it is not recommended for the general population.

So it seems that no matter what the government says, the issue of wearing high-quality masks now cannot be ignored.

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