What is the difference between medical and non-medical masks in KN95/N95 masks?

  • 2022-05-19
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The main difference is that the outer surface of medical type masks is hydrophobic treated. The medical surgical masks of GB19083-2010 and YY0469-2011 clearly put forward the requirements of "synthetic blood penetration", and the parameter index of "surface moisture resistance" clarifies the medical protective masks. Protective effect on liquids such as blood and body fluids. In layman's terms, just like water droplets falling on lotus leaves will roll off, the liquid cannot penetrate the surface of the mask, which can prevent medical staff from frequently touching alcohol, blood, etc., and prevent it from quickly infiltrating; it is not a medical type KN95 /N95 masks do not undergo this special treatment.


The most protective function of KN95 and N95 protective masks is the filter layer. The filter layer is made of polypropylene melt-blown microfiber electret material. The outer surface of the mask has not been hydrophobicized. Contact with water, alcohol, etc. during application will destroy the material. structure, which greatly reduces the filtering effect. What's more, blood often contains bacteria, viruses, etc., and the application scenario of the hospital determines the high probability of medical staff being exposed to the blood environment of patients. Therefore, hydrophobic treatment of the surface of medical masks is essential. The probability of ordinary people encountering alcohol and blood is not large. As long as the masks are changed regularly, it is not harmful to the outside without this treatment.

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