Which masks have anti-epidemic functions? Better results?

  • 2022-05-20
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N95 masks, medical surgical masks, and disposable medical masks that meet national standards all have protective functions and meet the requirements of epidemic prevention.

N95 mask

Medical N95 adds a hydrophobic layer on the basis of the blocking ability of particles, which can prevent liquid splashing, especially when doctors perform intubation and other operations, it can play a more effective protective role.

The N95 series masks (N99, 95, 90) have the strongest protective ability, but the air permeability is relatively poor, and they are prone to hypoxia after long-term use. They are suitable for healthy people with high epidemic prevention requirements.

We often see industrial dust masks sold as medical N95 on the market, and many people also confuse the two.

Industrial dust masks

It belongs to special protection and is mainly used to block dust to protect the lungs. The GB2626-2006 standard is implemented in the standard, and the filtration efficiency (dust blocking rate) of the dust mask is required. The particle diameter is less than 5 microns. The dust blocking rate must be greater than 90%, and the particle diameter The dust rejection rate of less than 2 microns must be greater than 70%.

The common labels KN90, KN95, KN100, KP90, KP95, KP100 are industrial dust masks. Among them, the KN series is to prevent non-oily dust, and the KP series is to prevent oily dust.

medical surgical mask

There is also a filter layer and a hydrophobic layer, and the hydrophobic layer can effectively prevent infection from liquid or droplets. However, for the protective filtering ability of particles, the protective ability of medical surgical masks is slightly worse than that of medical N95 masks.

For ordinary people in low-risk areas, the use of medical surgical masks can basically meet the protection needs. N95 masks will have a certain impact on breathing, and they are more oppressive to wear, and are more suitable for protection in high-risk environments.

Disposable medical mask

Generally made of non-woven fabrics, it can block secretions from the nasal cavity and oral cavity. It can be used for daily protection in low-risk areas, and its protective ability is weaker than that of medical surgical masks.

In addition, due to the characteristics of children's skin, respiratory tract and skull structure, there are special children's masks. When you buy, please choose children's masks that meet the standards.

How to tell whether the mask meets the epidemic prevention standard?

The above types of masks are more complicated. If it is difficult to choose and distinguish, there is a very simple way to judge whether the masks meet the epidemic prevention standards. That is to see whether the codes on the mask packaging and printing meet the following standards:

The product registration number will be marked on the outer packaging of medical masks regulated by medical device licensing according to the regulations. The numbering rule is usually: X device approval + registration year + 264 + number.

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