What are the mask testing items?

  • 2022-05-23
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1. Mask quality inspection items

Filtration efficiency, ethylene oxide residue, appearance, nose clip, mask strap, airflow resistance, synthetic blood penetration, surface moisture resistance, adhesion, sterilization test, coliform, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus , total number of fungal colonies, total number of bacterial colonies, flame retardant performance, signs and instructions for use, packaging, bacterial filtration efficiency, particulate filtration efficiency, visual field, flammability, leakage, temperature and humidity pretreatment, oily particulate filtration efficiency, connections and connecting parts , Mechanical strength pretreatment, air tightness of exhalation valve, color fastness to rubbing, pH value, formaldehyde content, microorganisms, etc.

2. Types of mask testing items

Medical protective masks, self-priming filtering anti-particulate respirators, daily protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, children's masks, etc.

3. Implementation standards for mask testing projects

YY/T 0969 Disposable medical masks

GB 2626 Respiratory protective equipment Self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator

GB 19083 Technical requirements for medical protective masks

YY 0469 Medical surgical mask

GB/T 32610 Technical Specifications for Daily Protective Masks

GB/T 38880 Technical Specifications for Children's Masks

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