What is the definition of medical protective mask?

  • 2022-05-27
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Medical protective masks are suitable for medical personnel and related staff to protect against airborne respiratory infectious diseases. Or wear it for patients with respiratory infections spread by droplets at close range. It can filter particles in the air and block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretion droplets, etc. It is a one-time-use product. Medical protective masks can prevent most bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. WHO recommends that medical personnel use protective masks against particulate matter to prevent virus infection in the hospital air.

Medical protective masks meet the GB19083-2003 "Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks" standard, and important technical indicators include non-oily particle filtration efficiency and airflow resistance. The specific indicators are as follows:

1) Filtration efficiency: Under the condition of air flow (85±2) L/min, the filtration efficiency of sodium chloride aerosol with aerodynamic median diameter (0.24±0.06) μm is not less than 95%, which is in line with N95 ( or FFP2) and above. It can block airborne infectious agents with a diameter of <5μm or close contact with infectious agents transmitted by droplets.

2) Inhalation resistance: Under the above flow conditions, the inhalation resistance does not exceed 343.2Pa (35mmH2O).

3) For samples sprayed to the mask under the pressure of 10.9Kpa (80mmHg), technical indicators such as penetration should not appear on the inside of the mask.

4) The mask must be equipped with a nose clip. The nose clip is made of bendable plastic material with a length of >8.5cm.

5) The synthetic blood is sprayed to the mask sample at a pressure of 10.7kPa (80mmHg), and the inside of the mask should not penetrate.

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