What is the definition of medical protective mask?

  • 2022-05-27
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1. Three-layer decomposition of medical masks: the outer layer has an anti-droplet design (spunbond non-woven fabric) + middle layer filtration (meltblown non-woven fabric) + inner layer moisture absorption (spunbond non-woven fabric). If you cut out the mask, you can see at least one layer of non-woven fabric. This number of layers is required by production regulations, at least three layers.

2. Non-woven fabric (also known as non-woven fabric): It is composed of directional or random fibers. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties.

Advantages: breathability, filterability, water absorption, water resistance, good hand feeling, softness, lightness

Disadvantages: poor durability compared to textile cloth, cannot be cleaned

3. The production process of medical masks:

Combine three layers of lint-free cloth

After the production machine will: outer layer spunbond non-woven fabric + middle layer meltblown non-woven fabric + inner layer spunbond non-woven fabric

Process: The machine folds three layers of non-woven raw materials together


4. Suture the bridge of the nose

It is a thin rubber strip inside the mask, which plays the role of fixing the mask on the bridge of the nose. It adopts environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable and comfortable straps.

Process: The machine matches and conveys the thin rubber strip along one side of the non-woven fabric, and then it is rolled and stitched

5. Laminate part

The laminated structure is the main part of the mask, and it can completely cover the mouth and nose when stretched.

Process: Fold the three-layer non-woven fabric with a machine and flatten the surface

6. Cutting link

What is cut out is a separate mask body.

Process: The single cutting and stitching of the mask is basically automatic and manual processing.

7. Heat-pressed fixed ear rope

Reinforce the earrings so they don't break when pulled.

Process: Add an adhesive to the edge of the mask, and then mechanically apply the heat-pressing adhesive to the ear-hanging rope to fix the ear-hanging rope on the mask, and a flat mask is completed.

8. Disinfection and sterilization

Non-woven fabrics have poor durability, and fragile non-woven fabrics generally do not need high temperature disinfection.

Process: The colorless gas "ethylene oxide" is used to kill bacteria, molds and fungi

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