Production environment and requirements of medical masks

  • 2022-05-30
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The production of medical masks requires a dust-free and sterile environment, and the workshop must meet the requirements of a 100,000-level purification workshop. According to the US Federal Standard (USA Federal Standard), the clean room level is set by the number of fine dust particles ≥ 0.5 μm (microns) per cubic meter. The 100,000-level purification workshop means that the number of 0.5μm (micron) dust particles per cubic meter is less than 100,000.

1. Characteristics of purification workshop

● Unique low vibration and low noise

● Excellent uniform air distribution performance

● Automatic constant or step adjustment of wind speed

● Advanced mechanical performance and reliability

2. Structural materials required for purification workshop

● The workshop walls and roof plates are generally made of 50mm (mm) thick sandwich color steel plates, which are characterized by beautiful appearance and strong rigidity. Arc corners, doors, window frames, etc. are generally made of special alumina profiles.

● The floor can be epoxy artesian floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor. If there is anti-static requirement, anti-static type can be selected.

● The supply and return air ducts are made of hot-dip zinc plate, and pasted with flame-retardant phenolic resin (PF) foamed plastic plate with good purification and heat preservation effect.

● The high-efficiency air outlet is made of stainless steel frame, which is beautiful and clean. The perforated mesh plate is made of lacquered aluminum plate, which is not rusted and dust-free, and should be cleaned.

3. The technology used in the 100,000-level purification workshop

● The air-conditioning system must be purified by the three-stage filtration treatment of primary efficiency, medium efficiency and high efficiency. Ensure that the air sent into the room is clean air and can dilute the indoor polluted air.

● Ensure a certain pressure in the room to prevent the air in the clean room from being disturbed by the outside air. General industrial clean rooms require the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor to be 5-10Pa (Pa).

● The building envelope structure must ensure good air tightness, smooth building surface, no dust, no dust accumulation and no leakage.

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