Can FFP2 masks be reused?

  • 2022-06-02
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Although FFP2 masks have high protective performance, the price is relatively high. The price of an FFP2 mask in Switzerland ranges from 1-5 Swiss francs (7-35 yuan). So can such expensive masks be reused?

Officials do not support repeated use, because the electrostatic filter layer in the middle of the FFP mask gives it an additional filtering function. If the mask is wet (such as by breathing or washing), the filtering performance will be weakened.

However, the University of Münster (FH) in Germany conducted tests with virus, microbe, and health experts and found that under certain conditions, FFP2 masks can be treated and reused.

Oven sterilization method

First check with an oven thermometer to see if the oven can maintain a constant temperature of 80°C for an hour.

Mark the FFP2 mask to ensure that it is not mixed with others.

After using the mask, leave it for at least one day and try not to contact with other objects.

Place the mask on a baking sheet lined with oven paper and place it in the middle of a preheated 80°C oven.

Do not open the oven door for 60 minutes, but check frequently.

Remove the mask after 60 minutes and let it cool.

Note that this method is used up to 5 times.

hanging drying method

Mark the mask to make sure it is not mixed with others.

Find a dry place, hang the masks, keep a certain distance between the masks, and avoid contact with each other. Bathrooms, kitchens and other damp places are not suitable for hanging and drying masks.

Mark the date where the mask is hanging to prevent confusion.

Each used mask needs to be hung for 7 days before it can be used again.

Please note: This method can be repeated up to 5 times and should be discarded immediately if damage occurs.

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