If the filter is not replaced in time, the air purifier can cause heavy indoor pollution

  • 2022-06-06
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If the doors and windows are closed, indoor air pollution such as germs, allergens, PM2.5, etc. will increase. For the health of you and the people around you, you should use an air purifier in time! If you already have an air purifier, you should also replace the filter in time. Otherwise, the air purifier can cause secondary pollution of indoor air!! (Ignoring the replacement of the filter will become a breeding ground for mold and other pollutants)


 The secondary pollution caused by the "holding dirt" of the air purifier filter is far more harmful than harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Particulate pollutants, oil stains, bacteria, molds, etc. are born on the filter screen, and they have been seriously blackened over time. They are no longer a net to protect and breathe health, but become invisible killers that contain life!

  The biggest victims of indoor air pollution are children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronic patients, especially children are more vulnerable to indoor pollution than adults.

   Children's bodies are growing, their breathing volume is nearly 1/2 higher than adults' body weight, and they live indoors most of the time, and they are not easy to detect when they are polluted. As a result, the function of the purifier is reduced, and the dust accumulated on the filter cannot be recovered. Especially long-term exposure and inhalation of mold can cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, etc.; people with low immunity may also cause headache, fever, skin or mucous membrane inflammation, poisoning, and even cancer. ; Cause fungal pneumonia and other diseases; Allergic diseases. Some highly toxic molds can cause serious lung lesions and even death.

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