whether does air purifier need to clean up ?

  • 2022-06-14
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Air purifiers can improve air quality very well, so now many families have begun to use air purifiers, and keep it on all the day. Although it is used every day, few people pay attention on the maintenance during use, or thinks that it is enough to change filter element regularly. Really is it enough to just change the filter element once and for all?

In fact, while the air purifier is purifying, the purified wind will diffuse into the air through the air duct. During the purification process, the air duct will become more and more dirty, so it is needed to get the air duct clean up regularly, or it will be easy to make bacteria and viruses in the air duct blow into the air , then lead to secondary pollution.

Then how to clean up air purifier and how often should be cleaned up? 

The dust filter or dust collector plate in the air purifier should be cleaned up frequently, usually once a week, and the dust filter or plate to be used after cleaned with soap and dry in air ,which will keep them air flow unobstructed and clean.When there is a lot of dust on the fan and electrode, it needs to be swept up, generally maintained once every half of year.  If the purifier is used in a dusty environment, clean it frequently. 

In addition, when the air purifier is not used for a long time, it should also be cleaned up and packed into the box, and stored in a ventilated and dry place, so as not to reduce the efficiency or damage due to moisture.

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