It's hot in summer, how to relieve discomforts because of wearing face mask

  • 2022-06-15
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With the coming of high temperature in summer, many people feel that wearing a face mask is too stuffy. Directly do not wear it or hang it on ears to expose nose and mouth. Some people even hang it on the wrist.

Although it’s hot, personal protection cannot be relaxed during epidemic situation. Going out in hot weather, face mask cannot be missing, and it is still very important to wear it properly.

The weather is too hot , the below stips can help you to relieve discomforts.

1, Prepare a few more face masks when you go out . If you sweat too much to make the face mask wet , you need to take a new one to replace . 

2, If need to be waring a mask for a long time, you can apply moisturizer on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, ear roots and other parts before wearing , which will reduce the friction between face mask and skin to relieve the trace on your face . 

3, Choose the face mask with thin material relatively to wear. 

4, If you feel stuffy and breath hard or any other discomfort during the period of wearing masks, you should immediately go to an open and ventilated place to take off your masks . 

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