Scan your face ,no need to take off your face mask

  • 2022-06-16
  • 1732

"Please come here and scan your face, no need to take off your face mask"

Checkpoint at Xiazhuang Village, Yanqi Town,China. The villagers are following the instructions of the staff.

Scan your face in front of the "Electronic Sentinel" system

just 3 seconds, body temperature, health code, nucleic acid detection, vaccinations information are displayed on the electronic screen. 

"Having this electronic sentinel is really convenient for those of us who don't know how to use smartphones," a elder said . 

"Electronic Sentinel" system can realize face recognition after occlusion. The tested person does not need to take off the face mask. both convenient and fast. 

Meanwhile, it has the advantages of simple operation, safe and non-contact, and no intervention.

In the past, manual inspection took at least half a minute.Now it's easy to solve in seconds.

With the help of "Electronic Sentinel", the pressure of epidemic prevention workers will be greatly reduced as well . 

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