Does wearing a mask for a long time cause lung cancer? It's nonsence talk !

  • 2022-06-17
  • 1419

Recently, there is a rumor online that wearing a mask can cause lung cancer.

An associate professor of general surgery at Huashan Hospital ffiliated to Fudan University, correcting to say that the news spread online was unreliable. He pointed out that except blocking the spread of the novel coronavirus, face mask can also prevent various respiratory diseases caused by inhalation of smog. The side effects of wearing a face mask for a long time are mainlly chronic hypoxia and skin problems caused by stuffy heat and humidity. This is why disease control experts remind the public that wear the different levels face mask on different occasions. Correctly wearing face mask is very important, especially in hot summer . He also reminded that the most effective way to prevent lung cancer is to avoid smoking, inhaling secondhand smoke, and focus on a healthy diet.

As for the rumor that "melt-blown cloth will release microscopic particles", the reporter also asked a number of chemical experts for advice, all of whom said that this statement is nonsense. Relevant persons pointed out that meltblown cloth is the core material of the mask, and it does use the petrochemical product polypropylene as the main raw material, but it will not release particles. According to the logic of online news, it means that all plastic products are volatile. Plastic is a polymer structure, and under normal circumstances, molecules are bonded together, and it is impossible to "degrade" or "release" small particles. From the application scenarios to think about, plastic products and related raw materials are widely used around the world, including medical, food, etc., and their applications are becoming more and more extensive. If these products are harmful to the human body, how is it possible to get these applications? At the same time, qualified plastic products and related raw materials must be certified by professional testing to meet national and industrial standards, and there is no risk of online spreading.                            

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