Can the masks still be used when it has expired?

  • 2022-06-17
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Masks belong to the medical equipment category and are one of the important materials during the epidemic prevention period. Many people have stockpiled a lot of goods at home, and they can’t use them up for a while, so can the masks still be used after they have expired? Let's find out together.

Masks cannot be used anymore if have expired. The production and production process of masks are sterilized and sterile. If the masks exceed the shelf life, bacteria and other microorganisms may grow on the masks, the filtering effect and protective performance will also be reduced. 

If you continue to use expired masks, it will be not only no protective effect, but the bacteria generated may also cause harm to human health.

At present, the more common masks are disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, disposable protective masks, etc. The shelf life of different types of masks is also different. Generally, they can be stored for about 2-3 years if they are properly stored.

If it is an unpacked mask, its shelf life needs to be determined according to the storage environment. If the mask cannot be used up for a while, it is recommended to choose those individually packaged masks when purchasing masks, which will be more durable ,and better for storing. 

Generally speaking, expired masks need to be discarded and cannot be used again, but if you feel that it is too wasteful to throw away, you can also use them as a rag to wipe shoes and wipe the stove. Maximize the use of masks without causing waste.

If the masks have just expired, it can also be used for cleaning. Although the effect of preventing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses is not very good, it can also play a certain role in dust prevention.

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