Attention everyone! Don't buy fake FFP2 masks! How do we identify?

  • 2022-06-20
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Of all the masks that can be found on the market, the FFP2 mask is currently the most famous, mainly because it has the greatest protection efficiency, filtering about 95% of particles, including indoor aerosols. Although this mask is not recommended for the general population, it still falls under the category of PPE (personal protective equipment) and therefore has been in high demand.

And in recent months, especially during the third wave of the epidemic, demand for FFP2 masks has soared, increasing nearly fivefold in January, which has spawned an increase in counterfeit and substandard products. These products look the same, but in fact do not meet the technical requirements of FFP2 masks and are less safe. In addition to being unprotective, these masks create a false sense of security for the wearer.

Although it is hard to tell by looking at the appearance, you can still tell if these masks meet the health department's requirements and are counterfeit by looking at the label carefully.

According to the health department's mask buying guide, personal protective equipment (FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3) must meet the following requirements, especially P2 and P3, as P1 is generally not recommended for protection against the new coronavirus.

-Must bear the CE mark followed by four digits to ensure compliance. Reference to the UNE EN-149 standard ensures compliance with quality standards.

-Must clearly state that it is NR, i.e. "not for reuse".

-Must be clearly marked with the name of the manufacturing company, the four digits of the designated regulatory body, and the initials "CE".

-Certificates from the designated authority must be obtained: B and C2 certificates and must be displayed to the customer at the place of sale.

If the mask in your hands does not meet any of the above requirements, then it is best not to buy it, as it is likely to be a fake.

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