What is the difference between "N95 mask" and "KN95 mask"?

  • 2022-09-29
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At present, the situation of the epidemic at home and abroad is grim and complex. With the invasion of the omicron mutant strain into China, China is now facing the attack of two major omicron and Delta strains. In addition, with the Approaching of the Spring Festival, the inevitable surge in the flow of people has brought greater pressure to the epidemic prevention and control. In this case, we ordinary people in addition to vaccination, the best preventive measures is to wear masks.

Is "N95 mask" medical protective mask?

We often say "N95 mask" is not the same as "medical protective mask"!

"N95 mask" complies with the Requirements of American standard 42CFR84, filtration efficiency *≥95%;

The "medical protective masks" comply with the Chinese standard GB19083-2010*;

In fact, the filtering efficiency *≥95% belongs to grade 1 medical protective mask, which is the popular "N95 medical protective mask", but the name is different according to different standards at home and abroad. Pay attention to the "medical" oh.

What is a "particulate matter protective mask"?

"Particulate protective masks" refer to those in accordance with the Chinese standard GB2626-2019*. Among them, those that meet this standard and have a filtering efficiency *≥95% are commonly referred to as "KN95 particulate protective masks".

The mask has the same filtration requirements * and protection level as medical N95 masks, and can be used for respiratory protection for people in high-risk areas.

What is the difference between N95 medical respirator and KN95 particulate respirator?

First of all, Chinese full name is different, because the implementation of different standards, the name is also different, corresponding to have strict requirements.

Second, it is mainly recommended to use different scenarios. Although the filtering efficiency of the two masks can be as high as 95%, "N95 level medical protective masks" can also meet the requirements of medical protection, such as blocking blood, body fluid spillage and surface moisture resistance. It is more suitable for medical staff to use in high-risk scenarios such as direct contact with patients or infected persons. In contrast, "KN95 particulate matter protective mask" is more suitable for use in environments with high risk of exposure to potential pollutants, imported from abroad and pollution transmission, and is also suitable for daily travel such as high-density public places.

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