Bestselling face masks

  • 2022-10-19
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Wearing masks to school and to work is now the norm (if you or yours are even heading into either), and some states even implemented mask mandates that require people to wear face coverings in public spaces like gyms and outdoor areas, as well as face shields, prompting many to opt for home gyms and other outdoor-but-indoor niceties. Below, we dive into the bestselling face masks we covered in 2020.

While they don’t alone prevent the spread of COVID-19, theCDC recommends people wear face coverings in public when keeping a physical distance of at least six feet. is not possible. The VIDA Protective Mask is by far the most purchased mask we’ve covered throughout the past few year. Each mask is made from two layers of 100-percent cotton with adjustable straps and a multi-layer filter. Masks are sold individually or in a multi-pack, as well as in a selection of colors. Masks come in three sizes: Regular, Kids and Extra Large.

Connexions will provide you with the highest quality face masks.

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