Can children wear N95 masks?

  • 2022-10-31
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     Many parents have noticed that their children tend to "breathe with their mouths open" when wearing masks, and some children have difficulty breathing with masks on. In response to this phenomenon, Jin Xiangyu said that wearing a mask is like setting a "filtration barrier" for your respiratory system, a barrier that not only blocks particles and droplets, but also ensures smooth breathing. Children's lung strength is relatively weak, long time wearing children's masks is the first requirement of "ventilation comfort".

    In the mask group standard, it is clearly stipulated that the ventilation resistance of adult masks must be less than or equal to 49 Pa, and the ventilation resistance of children's masks must be less than or equal to 30 Pa. Jin Xiangyu especially reminded parents not to blindly and enthusiastically choose N95 masks and medical surgical masks, "the ventilation resistance of these masks are in about 300 Pa, although the protection performance is high, but not conducive to ventilation, for children's daily protection is not the best choice."

    But the ventilation resistance is small, will it affect the protective nature of the mask? It is understood that the group standard of adult masks and children's masks protection standards "the same", equally harsh. The standard stipulates that children's masks for dust, droplets, aerosols and other particulate matter filtration efficiency of not less than 90%, bacteria filtration efficiency of not less than 95%, to meet the needs of ordinary consumers wearing masks after the bacteria protection. At the same time, taking into account the poor ability of children's active and independent processing, also provides for the flame retardant performance of children's masks, the indicator reference YY0469-2011 "medical surgical masks", set the mask after leaving the flame burning time is not greater than 5 seconds.

    In addition, in accordance with the new standards, children's masks should be used ear-hanging mask belt, mask belt should not be free end, there should be no removable small parts, etc., there should be no sharp tips and sharp edges that can be touched. Children's masks should not be made of recycled materials. Jin Xiangyu said that under such stringent safety standards, as long as consumers choose to buy qualified and compliant children's masks, safety and comfort can be achieved at the same time.

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