Why do I smell bad when I put on a mask?

  • 2022-11-02
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There are two possible sources of odor when wearing a mask.

One is the odor from the mask, which is related to the outermost layer of the mask's non-woven fabric.

Although the non-woven fabric itself is odorless and non-toxic, but if the raw material, production technology or storage problems, can cause odor.

The odor of the mask is divided into two parts.

1, the surface gas produced by the non-woven fabric, which can be removed by ventilation.

2, the gas produced by welding, these gases are wrapped in the inner material by the welding line and cannot be diffused for a short time, people can smell it when they wear the mask.

The masks produced by regular manufacturers are safe, and the content of these gases is low and will not harm the body.

Secondly, there is bad breath itself, just usually one is used to smell, it is difficult to notice. Wearing a mask to form a relatively closed cavity, oral odor is magnified, so bad breath is found.

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