How to see the purification index of air purifier?

  • 2022-12-13
  • 1790

There are two key indicators of air purifiers that should be read before buying, one is CADR and the other is CCM.

CADR represents the total amount of clean air output after dirty air is filtered by the purifier within a certain period of time, the larger the number means the faster and more efficient the air purifier is, and the larger the applicable area is, for example, 500m³/h of particulate matter represents 500m³ of particulate matter purified in 1 hour.

CCM represents when the CADR filter needs to be replaced (when the CADR value decays to 50% or less), the cumulative quality of the particles processed, again the larger the value, the better the quality of the filter and the longer the life.

According to the national regulations, the CCM of particulate matter is divided into P1-P4 from low to high, and the CCM of formaldehyde is divided into F1-F4 from low to high.

Buy P4 & F4 can maximize the removal of formaldehyde and harmful particulate matter.

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