Precautions For Wearing Face Masks In Winter

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  • 2021-11-29
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In real life, some people who are afraid of the cold wear big masks all day, thinking that they can protect themselves from the cold. In fact, this is not scientific. Human respiratory tract, such as nasal cavity, throat, trachea surface are covered with many mucous membrane, mucous membrane and microvascular. It is close to body temperature when cold air is sucked in through the nose and into the lungs through the zigzag tubes. This physiological function of the human body can be enhanced through exercise, thus improving cold tolerance. If wearing a face mask, the nasal cavity and the mucous membrane of the whole respiratory tract can not be exercised, slightly cold, easy to catch a cold. Therefore, "mask does not leave mouth" all day in winter, is detrimental to health.


Currently, there is no national standard for masks for civilian use, and masks on the market are of varying quality. It is important to choose masks with major brands and formal product packaging and instructions, such as disposable surgical masks or masks with more than 12 layers of gauze. Do not buy masks at stalls without health permits.There is no need to wear professional protective masks such as N95 and N99 to filter PM2.5. In theory, the more tightly sealed the mask, the better it will block particulate matter. On the other hand, the more closed the mask, the more resistance to breathing increases and the more difficult it is to breathe. Wearing professional protective masks such as N95 and N99 should be trained, otherwise it is easy to cause dyspnea and dizziness due to lack of oxygen.


There is no need to wear a mask all day long. Once the visibility improves, the haze disappears, or in the car, indoor and other clean environment, you can take off the mask. In addition, masks should be changed at least once a day to avoid using them alternately. In winter, if you wear a mask and glasses at the same time, the trouble will come -- your hot breath will certainly penetrate into the lens and eyes through the gap between the nose horns and the mask on both sides. After a long time, the lens will be blurred by fog, greatly affecting people's vision and activity safety.


In real life there are many people afraid of the cold, so will all day wearing an earloop face mask, so that we can warm, but there are certain hazards, is not conducive to breathe, normal life, we need to regulate the body, so as not to cause own life affected and wearing a mask should pay attention to some things, not professional mask to be effective for colds.

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