Properly wear KN95 masks

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  • 2020-09-23
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Properly wear KN95 masks can protect well against PM10, PM2.5, and smaller particles. BFE>95% (Bacterial filtration efficiency).

This mask features an Exhalation valve that can be useful in dissipating humidity, heat, and carbon dioxide from the inside of KN95 respirator facepiece and decrease exhalation resistance, thereby making the respirator more comfortable and less demanding for the user to breath.

Features include moldable nose bridge and comfortable over the ear straps.

iThe virus is spreading rapidly around the world, and nurses and doctors are in the most dangerous environment. They are our most worthy of respect and assistance.

We are accelerating the production of various standard high-quality masks, and the inventory is stable. According to the orders of customers, we can ship directly or stock in advance. In addition, the transportation conditions of China and other countries will also affect the customer's receipt time. We generally direct FOB Shenzhen.

In general, KN95 masks are better than disposable masks. However, in the case of air circulation and non-concentration of people, ordinary disposable masks are also safe. We advise people wear KN95 than disposable mask

Easy to Use/Donning and fitting


Check prior to use--The respirator must be selected properly for intended application. An individual risk assessment must be evaluated. Check the respirator that it is undamaged with no visible.

1:Open the mask and check the front and back of the mask.

2:The one with the cap is upward and the ear band is hanging one the ear.

3:The shape of pressing cap is consistent with the nose curve.

4:Perform fit check place hands over the mask and exhale if air leaks ,Adjust to the right position.

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