Ready For Unlock1? Know These New WHO Guidelines For Wearing Face Masks First

  • 2020-09-14
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Unlock1: The World Health Organization has stated a few more guidelines for wearing face masks. Physical distancing and wearing face masks are two of the most important prevention steps for COVID-19. With the lockdown being lifted in some states of the country, it is important to know the do's and don'ts of wearing face masks in order to make them effective and keep coronavirus away. Remember that masks along cannot protect you from COVID-19. You need to maintain at least one metre distance from others and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, even when you are wearing a face mask, asserts WHO. WHO's new guidelines for wearing face masks: Know the Do's and Don'ts An effective face mask can be made at home. It should cover your nose, mouth and chin and should be comfortable to wear. A face mask that is too tight or too loose and is breathable, otherwise you will end up touching it frequently. This will ultimately nullify the purpose of wearing a face mask. Also read: Coronavirus Tips: 10 Ways To Come Out Of This Lockdown Healthier And Stronger 1. Wash your hands before touching the face masks. 2. If you are buying a mask from outside, make sure you inspect the mask for tears and holes. 3. Look for the top side, where the metal piece or stiff edge is. This side should be over your nose. 4. Make sure that the coloured side of the mask faces outwards. 5. Adjust the mask to your face without leaving gaps on the sides. 6. Avoid touching the mask when you are outside. Once you are outside, the outside surface of the mask needs to be considered contaminated. 4kbbn1lo Avoid touching the face mask when you are outside Photo Credit: iStock Also read: Coronavirus Prevention: 6 Essential Qualities That Are Important For An Effective Face Mask 7. When you are back home, discard the single-use masks. Remove the mask from behind the ears or head. Keep the mask away from you and surfaces while removing it. 8. Discard the mask immediately after use, preferably into a closed bin. 9. After discarding the mask, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. 10. Do not use a ripped or damp mask. 11. Do not wear a mask in a way that it only covers either your mouth or nose. The mask should cover both properly. 12. As mentioned above, the mask should fit your face properly and should neither be too tight or too loose. 13. Avoid touching the front of the mask. Avoid touching the mask for talking to people and avoid activities that would require touching the mask. 14. After using the mask, discard it properly and do not leave it within the reach of others. Do not reuse the mask.

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