Should I Get A Booster Shot For COVID-19 Vaccine?

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  • 2021-10-15
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Although we believe that the vaccine is safe and effective, but after vaccination, or request everybody to continue to maintain personal protective measures, including wearing surgical face masks, maintain social distance, good habits such as frequent hand washing, so far, there is no vaccine protection ratio can reach one hundred percent, therefore, the vaccine after the protective measures, in order to better ensure the safety of everyone.


From the international situation, the world has entered a new round of infection peak, the United States and a few developed countries have approved a third dose of enhanced vaccine. In terms of domestic vaccines, Chinese people are mainly vaccinated with inactivated vaccines from Sinovac and Sinovac, and both companies recently reported the results of clinical studies on the third dose of vaccine. The results showed that the third dose of vaccine had no serious adverse reactions and was as safe as the first and second doses. At the same time, after the third dose, the subjects' neutralizing antibody levels increased rapidly and significantly, indicating that the protective effect of the vaccine may be greatly improved.


These preliminary studies show that the booster shot is feasible. But what about the third injection? For example, is the third dose of homologous vaccine, or heterologous vaccine? Is it inactivated vaccine, mRNA vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, or aerosol inhaled adenovirus vector vaccine? These problems, all need to wait for the further research results of relevant experts.

When should booster shots be given?

When the booster vaccine is administered is closely related to the vaccination schedule in China. As far as possible to cover more people, so that people without contraindications as soon as possible to complete the first and second doses of vaccine vaccination. As of August 18, the number of vaccine doses in China has exceeded 1.9 billion. To reach full coverage of 80 percent of the population, about 356 million doses would be needed, a little more than a month at the current daily rate of 10 million doses. If the target was to reach 90% of the population, it would take at least two more months. In other words, Face masks are still our protection tools in our daily life though the widely vaccniatation of groups.

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